Facial Skin Beauty Therapy 7 Colors LED Face Mask


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  • Features
    -Help to Activated the collagen
    -Promote skin collagen growth, make the skin more translucent and white
    -Tighten pores, making the skin firmer, improve skin brightness, more smooth and elastic
    -Accelerate Detoxification
    -Effectively accelerate skin metabolism rate, promote the excretion of toxins of skin
    -Oxygen Increase
    -Promote skin permeability, increase oxygen to lock skin moisture
    -Repair Skin
    -Promote blood circulation, lighten freckless and red bloodshot
    -when using it on a daily basis for no more than 20 minutes per day.

    7 Colors LED mask can solve stubborn skin problems

    Red light:       whitening pale spot, tender skin and anti-wrinkle,repair damaged                                         skin,smooth the fine wrinkles,shrink pores,hyperplasia of collagen.

    Blue light:      efficiently minimize and heal acne,repair the skin whithout leaving scars

    Purple light:   it is red and blue dual-band light, a combination of two kinds of                                             phototherapy effect,especially in healing and repairing the acne scar

    Laser light     (White light):resolving age spots,improve fine lines and sagging skin.

    Green light:   Neutralazation,balance skin condition,relieve mental stress and effective                            dredge lymphoid and edema

    Yellow light:  improve coarse skin and wrinkle,redness, fever, ringworm of the skin,                                 increase immunity

    Green Blue light: enhance the cell energy gradually,promote metabolism